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Rs. 6,798.00
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The Golden Yard is a dainty yard chain, to add that extra layer to your necklace or can be worn singularly also.

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Rs. 6,798.00
Rs. 6,798.00
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92.5 silver with gold plating.

CARE : Avoid moisture or any liquids.
Avoid contact with perfume.
Do not use any cleansing agents.
Wear your jewelry last and take them off first.
After using, wipe jewelry with a soft cotton cloth and store in the packaging provided when not in use. Do not put any weight on it. Pack it in a box while travelling

*To know more about the product/For Customizations - WhatsApp us +91-8377010208


1 - The actual colour of the product may vary slightly from the image shown.

2 - All custom-made orders are not returnable and non exchangeable.

3 - The unboxing video is compulsory for the product.

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Timeless Beauty

PARAMANI's jewelry exudes timeless beauty. Each piece is crafted with exquisite detail, perfect for adding elegance to any outfit.

Tara Mishra
Artistic Masterpieces

PARAMANI creates artistic masterpieces in jewelry. Their designs showcase creativity and precision, making each piece a stunning statement.

Meenakshi Iyer
Luxurious Elegance

PARAMANI offers luxurious elegance in jewelry. From diamonds to pearls, their pieces radiate sophistication and opulence.

Jaya Patel
Quality Craftsmanship

PARAMANI's jewelry boasts quality craftsmanship. With attention to detail and superior materials, each piece is a testament to their expertise.

Ayesha Khan
Personalized Perfection

PARAMANI delivers personalized perfection in jewelry. Custom designs reflect individual style, creating cherished pieces for a lifetime.

Karishma Sengupta

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