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Vastra by Mala Munde

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Rs. 18,000.00
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Colour:  black and gold

Occasion : All occasions , Wedding

Vastra is a luxury designer label featuring a range of ethnic ensembles that presents exquisite charm, bead work and crochet work with heritage craftsmanship

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Vastra by Mala Munde
Rs. 18,000.00
Rs. 18,000.00
Product description


Material : Rexine

Sizes : 5.5 metre saree ,1 metre blouse material

Product Length (in CM) : 5.5 metre saree

breadth (in CM) : 5 sm

Product Width : 60 width

CARE Instructions : Avoid from moist and water

*To know more about the product/For Customizations – WhatsApp us +91-8377010208


1 – The actual colour of the product may vary slightly from the image shown.

2 – All custom-made orders are not returnable.

3 – The unboxing video is compulsory for the product.

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NameVastra by Mala Munde
VendorVastra by Mala Munde
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Customers review

Vastra by mala munde
Timeless Elegance

Vastra by Mala Munde embodies timeless elegance. Each piece radiates sophistication, offering classic designs with modern flair.

Tanisha Gupta
Artisanal Excellence

Vastra by Mala Munde showcases artisanal excellence. Their clothing reflects meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Swati Verma
Chic Simplicity

Vastra by Mala Munde exudes chic simplicity. Their designs are minimalist yet stylish, perfect for everyday sophistication.

Kritika Singh
Luxurious Comfort

Vastra by Mala Munde prioritizes luxurious comfort. With premium fabrics and relaxed silhouettes, their clothing ensures both style and ease.

Riya Kapoor
Fashion-Forward Fusion

Vastra by Mala Munde brings fashion-forward fusion. Their innovative approach blends traditional elements with contemporary trends seamlessly.

Diya Choudhary

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